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Soft on the Inside and Lush on the Outside  

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The Spa Dress® for Ladies Who Travel


A Dress That Can Be a Towel


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Until now short towels, bulky robes, and shapeless wraps were the only spa wear available, limiting style and function for what a spa day can do. The Spa Dress® comes in colors that uplift our girls as a spa day should so, no matter where you go, what you do, or how you feel, The Spa Dress® can support the best of you. Refresh in "Pearly White." White is said to aid in cleansing and clearing of emotional clutter. Rejuevenate in "Pamper Pink." Indecisive? Wander in "Greener Pastures" and renew in "Resiliency Blue." Blue is said to aid in finding inner security and approachability. What spa mood matches your need for a spa day? 

Spa Moods

Pegged "a wardrobe lifesaver" by travel and lifestyle enthusiasts!


The Spa Dress® is the first outfit created to wear in and out of the spa, at home or away on travel. Lush on the outside and soft on the inside in absorbent bamboo toweling, The Spa Dress® is practical for the sauna but versatile as body-enhancing, walk-around attire. Wearable as a slip-on-towel that does not drop when you need a  towel to stay up, a dress-before-you-dress that soaks up shower sweat as you dry; and a wardrobe companion that leaves your hands free to pamper. 


Palm Beach Illustrated advises "Prevent a wardrobe malfunction. The Spa Dress® ... meant to keep everything, well, lifted."

So, stay calm and spa on! The Spa Dress® rolls up and is easily packable for a getaway to the beach, on a boat or jet, by the pool, or anywhere a spa excursion can take you. The Spa Dress® originates out of The Palm Beaches with colors to match the iconic resort lifestyle and is followed by a sisterhood of spa ladies. 


The Spa Dress®: The Answer to ‘Towel Dropping Syndrome,’ Says Lifestyle Contributor Judy Goss



Creator, Daniella Cracknell, seen here wearing The Spa Dress® as versatile in a skirt, is the woman in the bubbly bath logo who saw a problem in public displays of 'towel dropping syndrome' at resorts and cruises -- and in particular, opening doors to room service.


She says, "I discovered that I was not the only woman inconvenienced by the standard towel not holding up, nor was I the only woman who felt lost in bulky robes that offered no support to our girls. So, I devised a solution by reinventing the popular 80s sundress into something new and useful for today's everyday woman. Now, you!


“Have you ever had that happen? I totally have,” says NBC CT News Anchor Kerri-Lee Mayland. “Horrible, you’re walking around and it’s like, boof, ohhhh [towel falls]!“


“Oh, totally,” agrees Lifestyle Contributor Judy Goss.“You’re in the spa wrapping up your towel with a knot … exactly [towel drops].” Adding, “The Spa Dress® is also if you have kids and you are running around a hotel room, and you want that towel to stay UP. You’ve got boys and girls all over the place. Not just for spas but vacations too.”


“Oh, that’s a great idea. It’s cute too,” comments Kerri-Lee in this TV segment on Travel Treasures: What to Bring On Your Vacation or Business Trip That’s Fun and Practical that you can view by clicking on HERE.  

The Spa Dress® among "Objects of Obsession," according to columnist Beth Landman of Dan's Papers Palm Beach Living 


The Spa Dress® is a recipient of a Family Choice Award, one of the most coveted, family-friendly consumer award programs in the nation. Plus, hailed as "a wardrobe lifesaver" by lifestyle and travel enthusiasts, "a relaxation gift" by Coffee with America, a "travel treasure" by NBC Connecticut and a "Travel Must Have" by Fox 5 Wash DC.

The Spa Dress® has also been featured in Travel Girl, Frequent Flyer Destinations, and Spa & Wellness Mexicaribe magazines as "travel light, put it in your purse - and go!" Signature Bride pegs The Spa Dress® as support of "the ultimate relaxation experience."

"I use mine every morning." 

Andy calling in from New York

"The material feels good."

Wanita lost in The Virgin Islands

"Simple yet elegant walk-around attire!"

Michele socializing in Ibiza

"Non-restrictive and soft."

Delaina on Royal Caribbean cruise

"Body-enhancing, surprisingly form-fitting."

Rebecca returning to London

"Casual wearability!"

Paige catering from Los Angeles 

"Comfy after a long plane ride."

Kathleen reporting in from St. Croix 

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The #1 voted day spa in North America Bella Reina Spa was the first to test the concept with spa ladies as a new way to use and wear a towel with less wardrobe malfunction than the traditional towel. The Spa Dress® has since emerged out of The Palm Beaches as a boutique lifestyle experience.


The Spa Dress® is followed by a sisterhood of spa ladies likened to the book-to-film The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants but in an eco-friendly dress as the wardrobe companion to bubbly baths and comfort book reads that take you on therapeutic journeys.