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Starting Over White for Mental Clarity

Starting Over White for Mental Clarity


Need a refresh? Clean the slate in “Starting Over White.” White is said to aid in mental clarity, in the cleansing and clearing of emotional clutter. 


Usable as a slip-on towel that doesn't drop when you need a towel to stay up. Sporty under robes or as an alternative to bulky, shapeless wear. Wearable as a dress-before-you-dress. Practical for the sauna but versatile as walk-around attire on the beach, by the pool or anywhere your spa excursion takes you, at home or away.


Eco-friendly bamboo absorbent toweling is lush on the outside and soft on the inside. Length may vary due to every woman’s uniqueness, but meant to mirror standard towel, landing slightly above the knee. The Spa Dress® needs only a gentle cold machine wash and a cool iron. Pricing includes shipping, handling and sales tax!


Custom Pre-Order at 100 Boutique Minimum

We are committed to providing quality products with exemplary customer service. We want you to be 100% plus thrilled with your purchase. If for any reason you aren't, we will gladly accept returns or exchanges of unworn, unwashed or defective products for a full refund. Simply EMAIL US at within 30 days of your purchase date, and we will gladly provide a full refund within receipt of returned item.  Return postage is at your expense.

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