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Let This Be You, Too!


Palm Beach to Palm Springs

Join our sisterhood -- like the book-to-movie The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants but in a dress, where together we travel vicariously through those who sport spa attire in places we want to go but haven’t yet bought a ticket! 


You'll meet Delaina in Confidence Black cruising Royal Caribbean, Wanita in Pampering Pink enjoying the Virgin Islands, and Michele in Starting Over White boating in Ibiza with more ladies spotted on the go and around the globe in The Spa Dress®. 

Let this be YOU sharing the view from Mosaic South Africa, a private sanctuary where The Spa Dress® was once just a thought, and now, is an award-winning new trend in comfort wear hailed as a wardrobe 'lifesaver" by lifestyle influencers.

The Spa Dress® for Ladies Who Travel

The Spa Dress® has also been spotted in retail spas from the #1 voted day spa in North America Bella Reina to Ft. Lauderdale at Marriott's The SiSpaand in West Palm's Kaffee's Garden Spa, voted among the top 10 best spas in The Palm Beaches. Plus, seen featured in national magazines as 'travel light, put it in your purse - and go!'

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Spa Dress ... like the Book-to-Movie Traveling Pants but in a Dress

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